Organic Cotton Pant in Floral Green


This Organic Cotton Pant in Floral Green is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and sustainability. Made from 94% organic cotton, this pant is not only soft against your skin but also environmentally friendly.

Made from 94% organic cotton/6% polyester

We make this especially for you within 7 days.

The vibrant floral print in green adds a touch of femininity and romance to this essential lingerie piece. The intricate floral design is beautifully showcased on the thong.

The use of organic cotton ensures that this pant is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. By choosing this product, you are not only prioritising your own well-being but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable planet.

Designed with utmost comfort in mind. The smooth edges and absence of irritating labels or seams provide a superior level of comfort, ensuring irritation-free wear all day long.

  • 94% Organic Cotton: Made from organic cotton, this thong is soft, breathable, and better for the environment than traditional cotton.
  • Floral Green Design: The vibrant green colour and floral print add a feminine touch to this essential lingerie piece.

Elevate your lingerie collection with this Organic Cotton Pant in Floral Green. Its combination of comfort, style, and sustainability makes it a must-have for any eco-conscious individual. Treat yourself to this luxurious and environmentally friendly lingerie piece, and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.


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